World’s most stunning places to vomit

Thinking of travelling somewhere special to vomit? Before you book a flight to Paris to puke off the Eiffel Tower, consider going to these great places instead.

5. The Chelsea Hotel, New York City

Photo by Velvet / Wikimedia Commons

Photo by Velvet / Wikimedia Commons

What better place to puke than in the hotel that’s housed rockin’ luminaries like Janis Joplin, Iggy Pop, Patti Smith and Sid Vicious? You can puke in the same toilet where Bob Dylan famously upchucked a turkey sandwich in 1966, or you can share your stomach treasure from a balcony above 23rd Street, causing passersby to think you’re someone famous. Because the hotel has been closed to the public for a couple years, to puke there you’ll need to break in.

Click here for a book that gives an overview of who’s puked at the legendary hotel — and why those pukers were special.

4. Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Photo by Sam Garza

Photo by Sam Garza

Imagine the most serene jungle temple in the world, and then imagine throwing up on the worn stone floor where Buddhist monks and visitors have been finding tranquility for almost 900 years. Whether you’re a local or some Western jerk pretending for a few hours to be enlightened, you’ll certainly enjoy throwing up local specialties like bai sach chrouk (rice and grilled pork) on the sanskrit-covered columns in the temple’s hallowed courtyard.

Click here for information about a community-friendly tour company that can better explain why vomiting in a UNESCO World Heritage site is a special experience.

3. La Casa Azul, Mexico City

la_casa_azulPeople think of the artist Frida Kahlo as everything from a feminist martyr to an artistic genius, but few know that she was also a prolific vomiter. Despite her fame — and that of her husband, the muralist Diego Rivera — Kahlo spent most of her life in the same modest house in Mexico City, called La Casa Azul, meaning “The Blue House.” Kahlo hurled in La Casa Azul hundreds, if not thousands, of times — great news for vomiting enthusiasts. Imagine yourself in her shoes as you bask in the light bouncing off the bright walls, looking at eclectic pieces of indigenous art you’ve collected, and then dashing off to the nearest toilet where you can ralph till your heart’s content.

Click here for information about La Casa Azul — now called the Frida Kahlo Museum — to make your vomiting experience all the more meaningful.

2. Sydney Opera House

sydney_opera_houseEverybody loves the Sydney Opera House. As the only internationally-recognized symbol the city, there’s no better place to hurl when you’re down under. If you can book a ticket for a concert, why not rush the stage and vomit where thousands of celebrated artists and musicians have performed, from Maria Callas to Yo-Yo Ma? Can you imagine a better way to check the venue’s acoustics than by the sound of your own labored retching bouncing off the walls? Don’t forget to vomit in the beautiful, modernist restroom sinks. Even if you don’t get tickets to go inside, try vomiting into the crisp water of Port Jackson while looking at the opera house’s iconic white shells.

Click here for a schedule of guided tours that can help you find that special nook to hurl in.

Photo by Liam Quinn

Photo by Liam Quinn

1. Point Wild, Antarctica

With more and more travel companies offering tours of Antarctica, the time to lose your lunch in this fabled continent is now — before it becomes totally caked in others’ puke. By a unanimous vote, our staff has declared Antarctica the best place in the world to vomit. The most popular place to upchuck is Point Wild on Elephant Island. Point Wild is where British explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton’s stranded crew spent four grueling months, eating an occasional seal and sometimes puking it up. Shackleton and his crew’s story granted them all hero status in the pantheon of vomiters. The best time to puke in Point Wild is between June and September, the coldest months of the year when any fluid expelled from your body is likely to freeze upon hitting the air. There’s nothing else in the world like vomiting here.

Click here to book a puking cruise to Elephant Island.


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