Woman making $150 an hour with online surveys now helping others

DALLAS — A woman who makes easy money by taking online surveys is on a mission to educate others about the great opportunities in this growing field.

Valerie Padilla, who looks identical to the actress Jennifer Lawrence, earns $150 an hour — all while sitting in the comfort of her suburban Dallas home.

“I was earning MINIMUM WAGE doing a job I hated,” Padilla said. “But now I found my dream job. Easy $$$ with online surveys!”

Instead of using her free time to get more easy money for her and her family, Padilla spends up to 20 hours every day spreading the good news about how exciting and lucrative working from home can be.

“Do you want to know my SECRET?” Padilla said. “Go to EasyMoneyTakingSurveys dot com. Fast n free I promise!”

“110% guaranteed,” she added.

spam spammer parody spoof online survey working from homeInstead of using old-fashioned recruitment methods — posting ads on employment websites or speaking at job fairs — Padilla prefers the modern, high-tech method of writing messages in the comments sections of unrelated news articles.

“HEY YOU—–> I make 150 per hour answering survey questions at home and it’s never been easier. Want to know how? click here!” Padilla wrote in response to a Washington Post article about crime in Moscow.

Padilla says the flexibility of taking online surveys is what she most likes about her job.

“I live life to the fullest n take care of my kids WHILE I MAKE EASY $$$ FROM HOME,” Padilla said.

According to an article published on FastNEasyCash.cn in Decemeber, the field of online surveys is experiencing unprecedented growth, globally accounting for 16 percent of all new jobs, up from 11 percent last year. Even young, unskilled workers who might get bored sitting at home are being lured by the opportunity.

In response to a Gawker article about underground supper clubs in Los Angeles, a survey taker named Evan Jones — who strongly resembles Bollywood actor Salman Khan — wrote:  “I’m only 18 and I’M MAKING FAST $$$, $1000 a day doing surveys. It’s fun.”

Experts say that if trends continue, by 2015, up to a quarter of people in the U.S. will be working full-time from home, taking surveys. By 2017, taking online surveys could replace entering sweepstakes as the most popular job in the country.

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