What does Eminem think about father Mike Pence as Trump’s running mate?


Eminem father Mike Pence Trump’s VP running mateIn what could be a first for the world of hip-hop, the father of celebrated rapper Eminem — longtime Indiana politician Mike Pence — has been chosen by presidential candidate Donald Trump to be his running mate. What does Eminem — born Marshall Pence VI — think about it? Dandy Goat correspondent Richard Omega followed Eminem into a Detroit-area Hardee’s to find out.

RO: So, congratulations, Marshall, I mean, Eminem. Your father is now Donald Trump’s running mate. How do you feel?

Eminem: What’d you say?

RO: I said, your father has been chosen by Donald Trump to fill the VP slot.

Eminem: Yeah, give me one of them half-pound Midnight Moonshine Thickburgers.

RO: What are your thoughts about that? Are you happy for him?

Eminem: Nah, go ahead and make that a super-size menu. Dr. Pepper. Nah, make that a root beer.

RO: I mean, are you shocked? Had you already been informed about Trump’s decision?

Eminem: For here. Nah, to go.

RO: Do you foresee your song lyrics becoming more political?

Eminem: Thanks. You too.

RO: Hey, thanks for your time, Eminem. It’s been real, yo.

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