Watch this cat video. You’ll die of laughter. This man did. He loved cats so much. His family took a bunch of kittens to his funeral. What they did there is adorable.

Cat in Jasmine costume video: you'll die of laughter

This cat video is the funniest one you’ll ever see. Honest! Watch it, and you’ll die of laughter.


Just like this guy did. He watched the video, and then he broke into a fit of laughter so violent that he ruptured his spleen. The doctors in the ER said he only had four hours left.

Man who loved cats -- too much 

They were wrong. He died exactly 56 minutes after watching the video.

Photo credit: TMCC


But there’s a bright side to this story. The man loved cats so much that his family decided to bring some kittens to the funeral. At the cemetery, the kittens started playing near the casket, and one actually fell in the hole. It would have been buried along with the man, but fortunately the other kittens formed a choir and started meowing “I’ll send an SOS to the world.” That got everyone’s attention.

Kittens at a funeral

Photo credit: Mathias Erhart


The performance was adorable. When the kitten was rescued, the mourners said “awwwwww,” and for a moment they all forgot why they were in a cemetery. Then they remembered, but they still felt better.

Photo credit: Flickr Creative Commons

Photo credit: Jacob Davies


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