US using flying death robots to follow, then kill people

Skeptics are saying the idea of flying death robots is too scary to even be plausible.

Documents from NSA leaker Edward Snowden reveal the existence of a frightening military program that previously would have seemed too nightmarish to be plausible: someone from within the military is using flying robots to follow people in other countries — and then kill them and anyone nearby, including associates and family members.

According to the documents, these “flying death robots,” as journalists have dubbed them, are even being used to kill American citizens abroad.

On Monday, White House press secretary Jay Carney insisted President Obama had not approved the the use of flying death robots.

“President Obama is as disturbed as anyone by these revelations,” Carney said. “Had he known about these winged sharabhas stealthily killing people while they sleep, he would have immediately halted the program. In fact, he’s ordering every last flying death robot to be grounded immediately.”

A meeting is slated for Tuesday between Obama, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the head of the CIA in an effort to find out which madman is behind the program.

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