Unreleased Taylor Swift track ‘full of drug references and f-bombs’

Taylor Swift unreleased 1989 track 'vulgar and full of drug references' - parody, spoof A track that was meant to be included on the new Taylor Swift album “1989” was deemed “entirely too vulgar” and threatened to destroy the star’s pristine reputation, giving fans the impression she was someone who “hangs out on the streets and commits petty crimes,” claims a source from the record company.

The track, titled “Give Me The Fucking Bucket, Lady,” is an upbeat pop song that devolves into something resembling thrash metal, with the happy lyrics morphing into a string of profane insults as the singer is overwhelmed by rage when an elderly Salvation Army bell ringer she’s trying to rob for drug money won’t relinquish the Christmas donation pail.

Producer Max Martin confirmed the rumors, saying Swift had originally insisted on including the track, as she wanted to express the reality of growing up in the small town of Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, where gangs of drug addicts run wild on the streets, and where the grim struggle to survive is only made better by occasionally stumbling upon an abandoned bottle of cheap booze.

“She was so dead set on ‘Give Me The Fucking Bucket, Lady’ that she wanted to put it as the lead single, and she was really excited for the music video, thinking she might be able to get [“Gone Girl” director] David Fincher involved,” Martin said. “We only managed to talk her out of it after we played a demo for a group of teen fans, several of whom expressed a desire to commit suicide afterwards.”

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