UN sends prostitute to taunt impoverished Myanmar

Ashin Wirathu angered UN sent whore Yanghee LeeYANGON, Myanmar — Citizens of Myanmar were shocked last week upon learning that the United Nations had sent a prostitute to investigate the state of human rights in the formerly reclusive nation. Ashin Wirathu, a Buddhist monk and prominent political activist, voiced his frustration at a public rally, remarking that he could not understand why the United Nations would stoop so low. “Our country is indeed poor, and admittedly many of our young women are prostituting themselves to rich tourists, but was it really necessary to rub this in? Don’t we deserve better?” A U.N. source speaking on condition of anonymity insisted that envoy Yanghee Lee is not a whore, but a highly paid international human rights consultant, which is something else entirely.


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