U.S. trying to remember something about a dude named Assad or something

If you hadn't mentioned it, we'd be able to remember what it was.

If you hadn’t mentioned it, we’d be able to remember what it was.

With the nation still reeling from the excitement of the partial government shutdown, we are trying to remember something we wanted to tell you.

We just can’t put our finger on it. What was it?

Just give us a second. La la la. What was it? La la la.

Was it about a book — a book about a guy, a very tell guy? Yeah, that’s it. Or maybe it was a dream. Man, we can’t remember. What an awful feeling. You know what we’re talking about? It was, like, just there in our head, and now it’s gone. Weird.

Oh shoot, if you hadn’t mentioned it, we’d be able to remember. It’s probably nothing. Anyway, did you know there was market for breast milk?

Wait. There is definitely something we wanted to tell you, and we said to ourselves, ‘don’t forget.’ Didn’t we ask you to remind us? No?

It was something about a man with a funny little mustache and a cartoonish voice like Bruno’s. Was it an interview with a fashion designer? An interview we watched on YouTube and we wanted to post it on Facebook? Did you post it? No, not the the John Galliano video. We still don’t know what to think of that. The whole episode was just awkward.

Maybe it was a movie we wanted to tell you about.

That’s it for sure. A movie. The guy had taken over his father’s kingdom, but he wasn’t supposed to. His brother was the heir to the throne, but he’d been killed fighting a wild boar or something.

Was it “Lord of the Rings” or “Game of Thrones”? No, no. It was set in modern times. Maybe it wasn’t a kingdom so much as a company. “Cosmopolis”? “Children of Men.” That was a good movie. “Cosmopolis,” not so much.

Hang on, we think we got it. It was a documentary about about Rockefeller.

No, that’s not it.

Hmm. It’s hard to say. Anyway, it’s probably not important. If it comes back to us, we’ll let you know.


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