U.S. to provide Iraq with motivational posters

iraq_poster1Rejecting the possibility that the U.S. will send troops to help Iraqi soldiers battling al-Qaeda, Secretary of State John Kerry nevertheless promised to supply Iraq with free motivational posters.

“While the United States can no longer provide tactical support to the Iraqi military, we will offer high-quality, professionally-made posters to inspire troops to get a grip on the sectarian violence tearing apart the country,” Kerry said in a speech on Monday.

“Success,” Kerry said. “Some people dream of it, but other people wake up and work to achieve it.”

The posters will come in various sizes, from small enough to cover a single bullet hole in a door, to large enough to cover a wall heavily cracked by a bomb blast. All posters will be laminated to avoid damage by urine, blood or other bodily fluids.

“This is your fight,” Kerry said, “but we want to cheer you on. The only limits you face are the ones you impose on yourself.”

“It’s not where you’re standing that matters,” Kerry added, “but in which direction you look.”

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