Trump now apologizing for past insults … just like Hitler did!


Trump now apologizing for past insults … just like Hitler did!Self-trained historians are confirming that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s clumsy attempt to appear remorseful for past bad behavior does not prove that he is a nice guy, and in fact, it shows quite the opposite.

Trump recently offered a sort of apology for having insulted so many people during the course of his campaign, saying that he “regrets” hurting people’s feelings. But do you know who else used to apologize for hurting people’s feelings? Yes, that’s right: no less than the world’s most infamous mass murderer, the Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler!  

“When he was running to be elected as leader of all Naziland around 1930 or 1940 or whenever, Adolf Hitler used to make all sorts of nasty remarks about his critics, calling them things like Hindenburg Butt or schnitzel-brained,” said Cleveland-area television aficionado Sam Wellesley. “People starting saying, that Herr Hitler fellow is a real jerk, and we don’t want him to be our fuhrer. Hitler’s aides got wind of the criticism, so they pushed him to go on the radio to say he was sorry.”

“The ruse worked, and before long he was gassing handicapped Jews and homosexual gypsies,” Wellesley added. “Move along people, there’s no surprise here. Trump is following the Hitler playbook to a T.”

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