Trump campaign in damage control mode after accidental nice tweet

Trump campaign in damage control mode after accidental nice tweetDonald Trump’s campaign is frantically trying to lure back supporters after the presidential candidate tweeted a photo of a kitten snuggling with a fawn.

“We are all God’s children,” the tweet read. “Let’s treat each other with compassion and respect. Love is key!”

Even though the tweet was quickly deleted, by Monday morning screenshots of the shocking message were already making rounds on the internet, and while some Trump supporters were trying to justify the candidate’s disturbing behavior, others were vowing to discontinue their support.  

“Donald Trump really had me convinced that he was a solid egomaniac fueled by equal parts rage and pride, and that’s what I liked about him,” said Landon Crunk, a retail manager from Minnesota. “But now I’m having second thoughts about pledging my eternal loyalty to him.”

Northern California beekeeper and Trump supporter Molly Sapp suspects that the Twitter account was hacked by agents working for the Illuminati, Republican opponent Ted Cruz, or the powerful illegal immigrant lobby.

“I don’t buy it,” Sapp said. “My beloved Donald would never sink so low as to tweet something so utterly heartwarming and bereft of vindictiveness.”

Alaska Facebook enthusiast Carl Fulblatter, who has shared over 12,000 pro-Trump memes since early last year, says that it’s important to carefully examine the photo before concluding that Trump’s rhetoric has softened.

“Those critters aren’t cuddling,” he said. “The cat’s about two seconds away from ripping out the deer’s throat, obviously.”

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