Today’s neo-Nazis ‘would have been gassed’ by Hitler


Today’s neo-Nazis ‘would have been gassed’ by Hitler The genetically questionable individuals who join white supremacist groups and attend neo-Nazi rallies would have been among the first to be gassed by Adolf Hitler, according to researchers at the University of Mannheim.

“Due to their conspicuous mental defects, lack of social skills, poor hygiene, and overall homeliness, today’s neo-Nazis would have been viewed as a threat to the Third Reich and the purity of the Aryan race,” said Ingrid Sommer, a specialist in hypothetical studies. “Consequently, they would have been taken away to concentration camps in the east to be liquidated.”

Among the dozens of U.S. neo-Nazis who were referenced in the study is “Bob,” a malformed white supremacist from Indiana whose giant gut seems at odds with his scrawny frame. Although he believes that in a past life he was high-ranking Nazi Joseph Mengele, the researchers say that Mengele — known for his sadistic medical experiments on camp inmates — would have certainly ordered that “Bob” be cut into hundreds of pieces and dissolved in acid “just out of curiosity.”

The researchers also looked at the KKK and determined that many of its members would have also been viewed as genetically suspect by the SS and sent to labor camps in Poland where they would be given simple tasks like cleaning Nazi officers’ latrines or breaking medium-sized rocks into smaller ones.

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