Snowden not lodging with Putin, aide says

Vladimir PutinClaims that Edward Snowden, the NSA leaker, has taken up residency in the Kremlin are “categorically false,” according to a Putin aide.

Since last Friday, rumors have been circulating Moscow that Snowden is bunking with the Russian president. Witnesses say the two men have been seen taking long walks in Gorky Park, having dinner in local restaurants and laughing with each other as they pass through the Kremlin’s formidable security gate.

“President Putin has a young relative visiting him,” the aide said when pressed for the identity of the Snowden lookalike. “Yes, this young man does resemble the fugitive hero Edward Snowden. And yes, this nephew speaks with an American accent. But that’s due to the nephew being a big fan of sitcom Big Bang Theory. Is just coincidence.”

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