Snopes debunks rumor is run by amateur couple

Editors at, the popular website that covers internet rumors and urban legends, have debunked a rumor that is run by an amateur husband-and-wife team from California.

According to an article on, is operated by a team of “private investivgators, hackers, and former CIA special-ops officers.”

The article goes on to say that “ plays a vital role in the war against scary urban legends, pernicious gossip about celebrity break-ups, and the funny-but-fraudulent anecdote about the time Jimmy Carter farted in front of Anwar Sadat.”

“ only employs the most elite spies, sleuths, and sulking teen hackers to carry out missions like determing the authenticity of questionable things, such as a grainy photo of Barack Obama meeting with his Masonic overlords on the Jovian moon Europa,” the article says.


The editors at say the rumor that is run by a normal, amiable couple is “so absurd it’s funny.”


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