What is the real source of the mystery shadow in Clinton portrait?

For years, we’ve been asking ourselves, “Why is there a mysterious shadow painted alongside Bill Clinton in the 148-foot-tall portrait of him that hangs in the National Gallery?” You know the one — it’s between the portraits of fellow cocksmen Dennis Rodman and John Mayer. A recent news story claims that the artist, Nelson Shanks, says that the shadow is symbolically cast by the famous blue dress worn by Clinton’s former lover Monica Lewinsky. Rumors like that are disrespectful, and they aim to distract us from more pressing topics. Also, it’s simply not true.Mystery shadow in Bill Clinton portrait revealed to be Hillary

The Dandy Goat has obtained an exclusive photo of an early version of the painting.

Bill Clinton portrait mystery shadow is Hillary, not Monica Lewinsky

This is not the first time the former president has been embroiled in a saucy portraiture scandal, and if he and Hillary move back into the White House in 2016, it won’t be the last.

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