Same-sex wedding guests afraid to eat cake baker was forced to make

Same-sex wedding cake Colorado baker spoof parodyDENVER — Guests at the wedding of Jeremy Chandler and Daniel Nguyen are so far refusing to eat cake, even though it appears there is nothing wrong with it, according to sources.

The three-tiered buttercream cake, adorned with candy computers and stethoscopes to reflect the two grooms’ professions, was the result of a state court case against a local baker who had originally declined to make a cake for a same-sex marriage on the grounds it would conflict with his religion.

“The cake looks good, but I am stuffed from eating too many salmon rolls,” said Sarah Hoffer, Chandler’s best friend from high school who observed the unfriendly baker deliver the cake early in the morning.

“I’m on a diet,” said Nguyen’s uncle Lee, “and I can’t have any carbs, but as far as I can tell it looks like normal wedding cake.”

By the end of the wedding at 1 a.m., the newlyweds were wondering if they should freeze some of the still-uneaten cake, or if they should just drop it off at the homeless shelter the next morning.


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