Rapper Mos Def volunteers to undergo painful beheading

MosdefHip hop artist and actor Mos Def has volunteered to undergo a painful beheading, say sources close to him.

The performer, who goes by the name Yasiin Bey, was born Dante Smith and is best known for his political activism and his role in the group De La Soul. Sources say he has agreed to undergo the beheading in order to highlight the cruel punishment doled out by al-Qaeda and other militant Islamist groups.

“Mos Def knows that the beheading won’t be pleasant,” says a friend who wishes to remain anonymous. “But he feels it’s vital that he use his celebrity to support people around the world who are beheaded for crimes such as attending primary school, being a non-Muslim, or skateboarding.”

The beheading is set to take place in an undisclosed location. The human rights group Reprieve will be recording the act. The video will be available online for free.


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