‘Don’t snicker at Stephen Fry marriage,’ public told

Stephen Fry marriage to Elliot Spencer - public ordered not to laugh Saying that it’s rude, and that what an aging actor does with a delicate man-child who resembles a lost kitten is none of our business, the public has been ordered to make no jokes about last month’s marriage of actor Stephen Fry to the fledgling Elliot Spencer.

“They’re of legal age to consent, and they’re in love, so leave them alone,” said Carla Gibbons, a former tabloid writer who now advises the public about whom we may — and may not — mock. “Granted, seeing the two of them tongue each other in a public park gives you the willies, because at first glance it appears Spencer is simply a timid kid who has approached Mr. Fry for an autograph.”

“Still, no one mocked Anna Nicole Smith and that old geezer she married, so why would we poke fun at Mr. Fry and his loyal child-bride?” she added. “Love is love, no matter how icky it makes people feel when they’re forced to witness it.”

Fry has admitted in interviews that the relationship is a little unconventional, and he also confesses that when they first met at a party three years ago, he mistook Spencer for Nolan Gould, who plays the cherubic Luke Dunphy on ABC’s “Modern Family.” Still, Fry insists that there’s nothing abnormal about their coupling.

“We make each other laugh,” Fry said. “I’ll recount a humorous anecdote about Emma Thompson farting in 1981, and my dear boy Elliot, whose parents were still children themselves in 1981, will emit a fart. And we’ll giggle. It’s as simple as that.”

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