Three people show up for protest against shooting of Ferguson cop

Protest of shooting of Ferguson police officerFERGUSON, Mo. — Three passersby on North Florissant Road accidentally showed up for a protest against the shooting of a Ferguson police officer.

Roberta Evans, 45, a certified nursing assistant, said she was walking home from work Sunday afternoon when she passed her neighbor, 34-year-old construction worker Ronald Vaughn. While they were making chit-chat, they were spotted by Vaughn’s former sixth-grade teacher Henrietta Johns.

When Johns mentioned the previous day’s story of a Ferguson police officer who was shot while pursuing a fleeing suspect, the three agreed the act was uncalled for, adding they hoped the culprit would be caught. They then went on to discuss the close loss of the St. Louis Rams to the Dallas Cowboys.

After seven minutes they disbanded, signalling the end of the protest.

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