Child’s sketch of suspects yields no arrests

Police say there are either "three or maybe seven" suspects who ages range from " ten- to like a hundred-years-old," according to a student name Marco Ponti, who is the only one to have witnessed the thefts

Police say there are “three or maybe seven” suspects whose ages range from ” ten to like maybe a hundred years old,” according to the only child to have witnessed the thefts

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Despite the release of a composite sketch of the suspects, Kansas City police have not received any tips regarding a puzzling string of recent thefts in local preschools.

The thieves — known as the “nap-time bandits” — have been sneaking into classrooms while the children are asleep on floor mats and the teachers are occupied, usually preparing trays of celery sticks smothered with peanut butter. The thieves steal the teacher’s personal belongings: purses, cell phones and inspirational coffee mugs with cute texts such as “My Teacher Gets an A+.”

A total of seven preschools have been hit and an estimated four thousand dollars’ worth of property has been stolen. Marco Ponti — a five-year-old with ADHD from Brockley Cooperative Preschool — is the only child to have seen the thieves. He provided police with a composite sketch of the “three or maybe seven” suspects. So far, no arrests have been made.

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