Paris office workers criticized for being ‘literally Islamophobic’

Charlie Hebdo staff, criticized for being Islamophobic PARIS — Several journalists in France stand accused of Islamophobia after they crouched under their desks to hide from men who burst into their Paris office — for no reason other than the intruders were shouting “Allahu Akbar” and firing Kalashnikovs.

“It’s one thing to be critical of a religion’s tenets, but it’s quite another to be literally so hateful towards it that you are consumed by your fear, actually pissing on yourself,” said Gabrielle Ver de Terre, an editor for the newspaper Libération. “The only way the bourgeoisie will overcome its inherent racism is by censuring those who dare to fear someone just because he’s slaughtering your longtime colleagues while shouting that the Prophet Muhammad has been avenged.”

“Why be phobic?” she added. “It’s better to be philic.”

The French Ministry of Justice is said to be investigating the matter, and it is possible that the dozen or so Islamophobic individuals will be charged post-mortem for incitement of ethnic or racial hatred, which carries up to a €10,000 ($12,000) fine.

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