Paris attack suspect moonlighted as ‘70s fetish call boy’


Paris attack suspect moonlighted as ‘70s fetish call boy’ BRUSSELS — Paris attack suspect Salah Abdeslam, arrested last week in the Belgian capital’s Molenbeek district, was reportedly living openly for many months as a call boy specializing in 1970s fetish.

The Belgian ministry of justice released a statement saying that Abdeslam, who is believed to be the last of 10 individuals who carried out attacks in Paris in November, had profiles on several escort websites in which he called himself “Muffi” and sold his services for 125 euros per hour.

In the ads, Abdeslam offered services ranging from 15-minute sessions of “slick polyester frottage” to entire weekends with “discriminating gentlemen and women who are titillated by the feeling of a naturally thick moustache tickling their bodies.”

Salah Abdeslam in disguise working as an escort boy in Brussels “We’re obviously shocked that Mr. Abdeslam was living under our noses this whole time, being taken out by wealthy men and generally living the high life,” said Brussels police captain Remy Ghent. “Given that we had a photo of him with his dated hairstyle and glasses, it’s a shame we didn’t think earlier to check the 70s fetish scene.”

When police stormed into Abdeslam’s apartment on Tuesday, he was reportedly wearing a purple sweater tightened by a knitted belt embroidered with his name, a green polyester suit, and cowboy boots. According to one source, Abdeslam began dancing when he mistook the officers for a group of visiting German 70s fetishists who had hired him to serve cocktails at their private Brussels disco party later that day.

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