Obama celebrating 100,000th Obamacare sign-up by sitting in Oval Office, staring vacantly out the window


To celebrate the 100,000th successful sign-up for insurance under Obamacare, President Obama spent Wednesday alone in the Oval Office, staring vacantly out the window.

“Yep, yep,” he said to himself. “It’s just, you know. Man. It’s tough, huh? Oh man. Hmm. It’s good news I guess, right? Yep. That’s a lot of people, right?”

Obama made a rare personal phone call to Veronica Garza, the Alabama mother whose enrollment for her and her two children put the total number over 100,000. Obama has been keeping a careful tally by hand.

Although the enrollment  number was just short of 800,000 — the  target for the first two months of the Affordable Care Act rollout — Obama said he was feeling good — no, great — about the law.

“Thanks,” Obama said to Garza. “Thanks for signing up, uh. I wish you luck in life, and what else can I say? Happy holidays. There it is. Be healthy, I guess. See a doctor if you want. What else can I say? Me? Oh sure, I’m fine, thanks. No, I’m just a little tired, that’s all. The skies in D.C. are overcast, too.”

The White House said if enrollments remain as high as they are, the administration hopes to reach  800,000 by November of next year.

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