Obama accidentally sends drones to attack Nepal earthquake victims

Obama accidentally sends drones to attack Nepal earthquake victims

“It’s surprisingly easy getting your Kandahars and Kathmandus mixed up,” Obama said.

Saying it’s very difficult to know which distant and rubble-strewn town is under control of radical jihadis, and which has been devastated by a major seismic event, President Obama is apologizing for sending six Predator drones to fire Hellfire missiles at villagers in the region of Katmandu, Nepal, which was struck last week by a 7.8-magnitude earthquake.

“Folks got to understand it’s not easy being commander-in-chief,” Obama later said. “They show you some grainy monochrome video footage of a bunch of little figures scurrying around, and these generals from the Pentagon are all sitting at the table staring at you, giving a sort of ‘okay, what now?’ look.”

White House spokesman Josh Earnest advised reporters to direct any questions about the incident to President George W. Bush, during whose presidency unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) were first employed for U.S. military purposes.

“President Obama is simply doing what his predecessor started, so why don’t you call [former White House press secretary] Scott McClellan and see what the hell he’s got to say,” Earnest said. “Ordering drone strikes is tough enough without you guys pestering us. Anyone can mistake a Red Cross truck carrying medics for a pickup ferrying ISIL fighters armed with RPG launchers.”

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