NYC woman refuses to thank strangers for compliments

10 Hours of Walking in NYC - spoof, parody, satire A New York woman who wanted to demonstrate on video how many compliments she gets every day is now being criticized for failing to thank any of her admirers.

24-year-old Shoshanna Roberts documented her 10-hour walk through the city, during which at least 100 strangers praise her looks, personality and clothing. Passersby inquire about her health and wish her a good day, and someone reminds her to be happy. One young gentleman even accompanies Roberts for several city blocks, making sure she isn’t accosted by ruffians and perverts as she passes through dangerous neighborhoods.

After being uploaded last week, “10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman” went viral, with millions of viewers taking delight in how Roberts is exalted by the city’s famously abrasive residents. Before long, however, amusement turned to criticism when viewers began noting that Roberts fails even even acknowledge a single remark.

“This is the problem,” said men’s rights activist Warren Cantwell. “Miss Roberts is lavished with the sort of royal treatment most people dream of, but instead of thanking those well-wishers, she inelegantly looks on, refusing to even smile when someone praises the sexy way her ass squeezes together when she stops at crosswalks.”

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