‘Now is the time to buy,’ says Goldline Zen master

Goldline spoof parody Glenn Zen Beck scam

‘Now,’ says Zen Beck.

Goldline, one of the largest vendors of precious metals, would like to remind you now is the best time to buy gold.

Over the years, the claim has been substantiated by Goldline Zen masters.

In the late 1990s, when an ounce of gold cost less than $200, one Zen master proclaimed, “The time to buy gold is now.”

Then, in 2011, when the price had rocketed to more than $1800, another master said, “Now is the time to buy gold.”

During the last few months, while the price bounced between $1200 and $1400, the master has declared, “Now.”

Company spokesperson Aimee Orr says the price of gold may fall or rise, as do the tides and the fluttering of life itself, but one thing is certain: the present moment is a fine one for new investors to get in on the gold action.

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