Noam Chomsky’s talks now mostly about erotica

chomskyTranscripts of Noam Chomsky’s recent talks reveal the 84-year-old intellectual now mostly focuses on softcore erotica.

Chomsky first came to prominence as a linguist for his groundbreaking theories of universal grammar, but he is also known for his political activism and criticism of political and economic elites. During the last few years, he has been touting softcore erotica, a subject he says “is far more interesting than, oh, say, modes of dissent under the Western capitalist model.”

A talk Chomsky gave in Bonn, Germany in August exemplifies how fans and admirers are often unaware that Chomsky has switched subjects:

“Obama’s remarkable global terror campaign and the limited, pathetic reaction to it in the West is shocking. And it is a campaign of international terrorism – by far the most extreme in the world.

“Speaking of extreme, imagine this extremely hot scene: a law office, late at night when everyone has gone home except two attractive new associates, a man and a woman. She had caught him looking at her, at her long legs, at her ample chest. He was shy and she normally didn’t go for the quiet ones, but this one was different. His physique looked like he had played rugby and she couldn’t help but notice that his white shirt was taught against his muscled body. ‘Looks like we’re alone,’ she said, licking her lips.”

For the remainder of the 45-minute talk, Chomsky recounted the series of hot trysts between the lawyers, infusing the encounters with elements of bondage and S&M. After he finished, Chomsky was given a standing ovation by the symposium’s attendees. The organizer, Dr. Ulrike Fuhrman, thanked Chomsky, saying his “ideas about citizen participation and democracy are as engaging as ever.” During the Q&A session that followed, audience members seemed unsurprised when Chomsky responded with the words “dripping wet” when asked for his opinion about how Syrian crisis has been covered by the media.

In an advertisement for a talk at Brandeis University next week, Chomsky is called “the most articulate and important voice against U.S. economic imperialism.” It is largely expected he will tell a story of what happens when a sexy small-town girl moves to the big city, only to find she’s unable to cope with the number of buff young men sharing her apartment building.

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