No Lives Matter activists take over empty stage at non-event


No Lives Matter activists take over empty stage at non-event PARKER, Colo. — Activists from the fledgling No Lives Matter movement sauntered onto an empty stage in a ramshackle events hall in a nondescript town near Denver on Tuesday, demanding that their voices be heard for a fleeting moment before being forgotten and leaving no imprint on anyone.

“We’re here to tell you nothing,” said Jerry Gray, 29, a nihilist who halfheartedly founded the No Lives Matter movement last year when he realized that the world is in a constant state of flux and that millions of people die every day for a plethora of reasons, some of which are entirely understandable, some of which are unfair, but most of which fall in the middle. “You can believe all you want that this life matters or that life matter, but the truth is that no lives matter.”

“Hear hear,” said a handful of the 100 or so other group members who had apparently lost interest in the protest and were either toying with their smartphones or wandering away, lured outside by the tinny music of a passing ice cream truck.

When asked what the movement hoped to achieve, Luna Delgado, a 21-year-old chemistry student who sometimes acts as the group’s coordinator of hashtag development, shrugged.

“We just want people to listen to us, to hear our message, and then go back to their daily routine,” she said. “Or not. It probably doesn’t matter anyway.”

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