Loser finally gets called out for Ice Bucket Challenge

Loser called out for Ice Bucket Challenge RUSSELLVILLE, Ark. — Months after the fundraising phenomenon waned in popularity, a local loser has finally been challenged to complete the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Curtis Lake, a 36-year-old copy center employee, had spent much of the autumn and winter months soliciting being called out, at one point even leading his colleagues into believing that his cousin was suffering from ALS, also called Lou Gehrig’s disease. Lake’s hard work finally paid off when on Thursday he was publicly called out by Patricia Gordon, a retired paralegal who is also Lake’s maternal grandmother. “I’ve been nominated by Grandma Pat,” Lake said, beaming. “Oh, and I guess I’ve got to nominate other people to do it, right?” he added. “I’m nominating Mrs. Kirkpatrick, who was my favorite middle school teacher, Uncle Nate — if the prison will allow you to get a bucket of ice — and, uh, Mila Kunis.” After pouring the bucket of ice water onto his head and dramatically falling back while emitting a weak yelp, Lake noticed that his camera was not on, and that he would need to record the event a second time.

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