Local pothead totally forgot today was 4/20


Local pothead totally forgot today was 4/20METAIRIE, La. — A local pothead was delighted upon learning that today was April 20, otherwise known as 4/20, the date on which marijuana smokers honor Lord Cannabis by building altars to his minion Budderick, the pagan deity of cheese-flavored snack foods.

“Oh man, you’re telling me that — man, you’re telling me that — man, today is 4/20?” said Clarence Blunt, 37, who has been smoking every morning and evening since he was in middle school. “Man, you’ve got to be kidding.”

“I thought it was March still, crazy,” he added. “Well, we might as well light up to commemorate this, a most sacred date in the stoners’ calendar.”

Sources close to Blunt report that although he is now aware of the date and spent most of the morning posting weed-themed memes to his Facebook page, he remains confused about the year, believing that it is 2015 and that he is still working at the recycling center, prompting him to call in sick even though he was fired nearly 10 months ago for getting high on the job.

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