Just awful! Texas billionaire spewing tons of carbon emissions out of his mouth


Just awful! Texas billionaire spewing tons of carbon emissions out of his mouth  The owner of a Texas oil company is showing just how little he cares for the environment.

Rick McGowan, 64, who owns the Broad Stroke Oil Company, literally pollutes the air every time he breathes.

The EPA has calculated that McGowan emits no less than one pound of carbon dioxide every day. That’s almost 400 pounds per year! And all that poisonous gas goes up into the sky where it wafts toward indigenous peoples in developing nations who are forced to breathe it in.

You can almost imagine McGowan sitting on a Cadillac-branded throne in his $7 billion suburban mansion, throwing back a shot of expensive bourbon, his fat gut deflating while he exhales through his dumb mouth, saying “suck on this” or something equally obnoxious.

And guess what? The McGowan clan is huge — numbering 135 just in the Houston metro area alone, 136 if you count little baby Scarlett, due to be born in May. That’s 270 tons of toxic gas every decade that these vile creatures are allowed to exhale into our precious air.

270 tons of carbon dioxide. That’s enough to suffocate an entire class of aboriginal kindergarteners in Canada, twice. Is there no justice in the world?

Maybe there is! If the Exhalation Act gets passed by Congress and signed into law, McGowan and other rich people like him will get fined every time they breathe, for every gram of CO2 they produce. Not only would this legislation give the EPA the power to punish one-percenters who think that the atmosphere belongs to them, but the revenue generated could be used to send oxygen to countries like Slowania and Botongu — where hundreds of villagers have developed asthma thanks to U.S. oil barons like McGowan and his hateful ilk.

In the words of Dandy Goat writer and poet Richard Omega, the air belongs to all of us, but it should belong to some of us more than others.

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