Win this Charlie Hebdo: Dandy Goat caption contest

How to get a Charlie Hebdo - caption contestLast week, a few million copies of the Jan. 14 Charlie Hebdo were sent to newsstands, most of them in France.

You’re thinking: “How can I get a copy without catching an expensive last-minute flight to France and sleeping with some unctuous newsagent who smells of fermented anis, and has a name I can’t even pronounce?”

Here’s how:

Go to The Dandy Goat Facebook page and like it — er, us. Just click on the “like” button. On Sunday, January 18, we’ll post the contest photo, along with the official rules. In the comments section, type a funny caption. Just one comment per person, please, because we have but three eyes between the two of us.

On January 31, at noon EST, the comment with the most “likes” wins, and if you’re the winner, we’ll get in touch to arrange for our European office to send you our precious, mint-condition Jan. 14 Charlie Hebdo. We’ll also include original handwritten Dandy Goat memorabilia — which, if you hold on to it for 20 of 30 years, could fetch at least a couple bucks on eBay.

*If you don’t have a Facebook profile because you think you’re not interesting enough for the NSA to spy upon, we totally sympathize, but we don’t have any other way to organize this contest.


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