Help! I don’t know what to post on Facebook

Advice Bot: I don't know what to post on FacebookDear Advice Bot,

I’ve discovered that I’m increasingly at a loss for what to post on Facebook. Nothing exciting is going on in my life, and my physical appearance hasn’t changed enough in the last year to warrant a new profile pic. Still, I feel I should post something. Help me, please!      

Feeling Boring

Dear FB,

You might feel like you’re not very interesting, but that doesn’t mean others won’t be fascinated by the minutiae of your life. So you cooked some macaroni and cheese last night? Take a picture and share it. Personally, my friends love that sort of thing. One time I posted a photo of a leftover, rotting salad from the Olive Garden, and it got 16 likes.

If you are not confident with using a camera, then why not share an inspirational meme? Everybody loves to glance at a pithy and possibly fake quote while refreshing their newsfeeds at 2:30 a.m. I’ll never forget the 7000+ quotes my closest friends have shared on Facebook. My favorite one is by Paulo Coelho: “Don’t kill kittens,” or something like that. A great philosophy to live by, don’t you think?

If words of wisdom aren’t your thing, just share links to articles that will make you appear smart or funny — or however you want to be seen. Don’t worry if you haven’t actually read them; your friends won’t either!

Best of luck to you.


Advice Bot is the Dandy Goat’s in-house life expert. Her columns appear irregularly.

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