Grandmother earns $6.7 million by helping Nigerian prince


Grandmother gets rich by helping Nigerian prince OMAHA — A 74-year-old grandmother of six from Kearny has become rich overnight thanks to a generous Nigerian prince who had requested her aid in a financial matter.

Beverly Gorkin, a retired librarian who has lived in this rural farming community all her life, was surprised last month when she received a personal email from Prince Absalom Nurmani, a former Nigerian deputy energy minister who in March oversaw a huge sale of state oil reserves.

“Prince Absalom was very polite, but also quite anxious in tone,” Gorkin recalled. “His associates in Lagos had exhausted all other leads in finding someone trustworthy — and who held a U.S. bank account. Apparently, all the other ones in the world are no good.”

“They had discovered that I was his fifth cousin, 16 times removed, and that I was his last hope,” she said.

Prince Nurmani was in a bind. He alone had access to a National Bank of Nigeria account that held $34 million in state funds. Government officials had promised to spend it on self-driving bicycles for blind street children, but Nurmani learned that higher-ups in the Ministry of Finance had other plans.

“They were going to buy Fanta, and lots of it, to fill a huge artificial lake for the president’s daughter and her friends because they are crazy for orange fizzy drinks,” Nurmani said. “I refused to disclose the PIN that would allow them to withdraw the 34 million USD.”

“For months they tried to guess the four-digit number, but with no success,” he added. “It’s a really good one.”

In late August, Nurmani’s desperate plea was met with compassion. Gorkin responded with a handwritten letter saying that she was touched by the story of the blind orphans and the prince’s desire to stand up for them. On a separate sheet of paper, she wrote in large block letters her personal information and bank account number. She even included a copy of her Nebraska driving license and her AARP membership card.

Within 24 hours, the bank transfer was complete and Gorkin suddenly found herself $34,034,495 richer. Despite her grandchildren’s request that she buy them each a Ferrari and one ton of something they affectionately call “bath salt,” she is vowing to spend no more than the $6.7 million that Nurmani promised her, and that as per the agreement, she’ll keep the rest safe until further notice from him.

As for the prince, he is delighted to have found such a trusted associate after just a few weeks of searching.

“My fingers were starting to ache from typing so much, sending so many emails to people who either didn’t get back to me or accused me of being a conman,” Nurmani said. “It’s so heartwarming knowing that there are still honest and good people in the world.”

Prince Nurmani’s cousin, Prince Abu Ukbaki, the former head of Nigeria’s snack and beverage dispensers commission, also requires assistance in keeping 23 million USD out of the hands of corrupt Nigerian officials. If you are interested in getting a 25 percent cut of this money by temporarily opening your heart and bank account, please email your personal information and account number to the Dandy Goat and we will forward it to Prince Ukbaki.

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