Gallup poll: majority of people lie to Gallup pollsters

Photo credit: CC / Alan Clark

Photo credit: CC/Alan Clark

According to results of a new Gallup poll released this week, a majority of respondents admit to lying or otherwise providing incorrect responses when contacted by the organization’s pollsters.

Gallup asked 2,334 adults living in the United States if they had ever participated in one of the organization’s surveys, and if so, whether they had been honest with their answers.

According to the poll:

45 percent say that whenever they participate in a Gallup survey, they just give whichever response they think the pollster wants to hear.

21 percent say that their responses are “mostly random,” or determined by factors such as lyrics to a song on the radio.

18 percent say that for multiple-choice questions, they simply select responses that contain the most “poetic qualities” such as unintentional alliteration or rhyme schemes.

14 percent say that they let their pets choose responses for them.

11 percent say that they so despise being interrupted by pollsters during meals that they agree to participate in surveys only to give responses that represent the opposite of how they actually feel, in order to damage the accuracy of polls.

“These results could be very significant in determining how valuable our polls are, or not,” said Gallup opinion polling chief Al Lotta-Statz.

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