Frightened little boy discovered inside angry boss

jerk_bossDENVER — On Thursday, a frightened little boy was discovered trapped inside angry logistics supervisor Michael Beasley.

Signs that a scared little boy was trapped in the 37-year-old were ignored, employees said, because they assumed Beasley was vicious due to his 2010 divorce, as well as recurring back pain.

Among the signs were Beasley’s habit of shouting at weak employees, blaming others for his own dumb mistakes, and manipulating staff to work late without being paid overtime wages.

The real source of Beasley’s anger was discovered when the company hired administrative assistant Jackie Campbell. Campbell, who holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology, had been taught that cruel, aggressive men sometimes have a scared little boy trapped in them.

Campbell informed office manager Melina Luk, who then called 911.

Kevin Carroll, one of the first firemen to arrive on the scene, said he knew right away that Beasley had a scared little boy trapped inside him. “What the hell are you doing here?” Beasley said to him.

“When I told [Beasley] that we needed to look in his mouth,” Carroll said, “he said he was going to knock me out, so a bunch of us held him down.”

While other emergency responders kept Beasley from moving, Carroll shone a flashlight down his throat.

“I called out to see if anyone inside Mr. Beasley could hear me,” Carroll said. “Sure enough, a little voice says, ‘Help me, please. My name is Mikey, and I’m really scared.'”

The scared little boy, whom authorities have not yet extracted, says he’s five years old, the same age Beasley was when his father intentionally left him alone in a tent for a night during a botched camping trip.

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