French police seek public’s help in finding Kim Kardashian’s stolen ‘boob harness’

French police ask public to help find Kardashian’s stolen ‘boob harness’PARIS — A spokesperson for the French police unit that investigates crimes against famous people is asking residents of the capital to keep their eyes open for a black bra that was stolen from superstar Kim Kardashian.

On Sunday, Kardashian, 35, survived a horrifying ordeal during which when five men dressed as police officers burst into her Paris hotel room and tied her up. After taking jewelry estimated to be worth $10 million, the robbers loaded the loot into the nearest large clothing item, which happened to be the bra.

“Ze breakers-in, ze men who aggressed Mme. Kardashian West, zey took her thing that supports the breasts,” said Lt. Jean-Louis Mantard of the elite Crimes Contre Célébrités (CCC) unit of the national police. “You know what I mean? They have stolen her boob harness.”

An Instagram post shows the dejected star mourning the loss of her favorite bra.

This guy is always in my shot!

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The report goes on to say that once the bra cups were laden, the leader of the gang threw the bra over his shoulder “like a continental soldier.”

Mantard says the crooks likely ditched the bra and that it might have been found by schoolchildren who would undoubtedly mistake it for a fishing net. He is also asking the public to look out for the top portion of Kardashian’s trousers, which are also believed to have been stolen, but probably in a separate incident days before the hotel robbery.

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