Fans hoping to see Bono’s fractured bone jutting out of his arm

Bono bicycle accident in New York's Central Park - fans hoping to see a little bone NEW YORK — In the wake of U2 frontman Bono’s cycling accident in Central Park on Sunday, millions of adoring fans are sending their prayers and hoping to catch a glimpse on social media of the singer’s bone jutting out his arm.

“I’ve loved U2 ever since I bought ‘The Joshua Tree’ when I was 12 years old,” said Bronx physical therapist Samantha Matthews. “And I wonder if the fracture was open.”

Greenwich Village graphic novelist Mark Hennes echoed similar thoughts.

“They didn’t say for sure that Bono’s arm was broken, but it has to be, right?” Hennes said. “Otherwise, why would he need surgery? So did, like, his radius or ulna totally snap and stab through the skin? Would the bone be all white, or covered in blood?”

“My friends laugh at me, but I actually like some of their newer stuff, and I didn’t think ‘Songs of Innocence’ was that bad,” he added. “I saw U2 play in Baltimore in 2011 and Bono definitely still had it going on.”

As of Monday evening, the band’s publicist had tweeted a message telling fans not to worry, saying that while Bono’s arm was indeed broken, his skin had not been pierced, but in any case, gruesome photographs of bruised, bloodied skin would soon be available free of charge.

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