Facebook will no longer require users to share meal photos


Facebook changing its rules about sharing photos of foodFacebook is scrapping the long-standing rule mandating users to share photos of everything they cook, according to a company statement. “In the beginning, we thought it would be fun to force people to share photos of whatever pretty dinner item they had lovingly made,” said founder Mark Zuckerberg. “In fact, I played with the idea of calling the social networking site ‘Foodbook,’ since we really wanted the emphasis to be on cooking, but there were just too many o’s.” Seven years and 495 trillion photos of everything from pasta carbonara to braised ostrich in wine sauce later, Facebook users are finally free to keep their pearls of culinary inventiveness to themselves. Social media analysts says this will give people the opportunity to share things that are more interesting, anything from photos of themselves in a bar, to blurry images of a man singing on a stage.

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