Emma Watson named ‘Sexiest Women’s Advocate’

Emma Watson named 'sexy' by UN HeForShe campaign

Watson, an attractive brunette, is the face of the fight for gender equality. (Mark Garten / United Nations)

British actress Emma Watson has been named the world’s “Sexiest Women’s Advocate” by the new UN gender equality campaign HeForShe.

The organizers of the campaign, launched in 2014 to engage men and boys as agents of positive change, say that Watson, an attractive 24-year-old brunette, has the perfect look for the honor.

“She’s sexy without looking slutty, cute when her little voice trembles while calling for equality, but just fierce enough for the world’s men to imagine her donning some leathers and whipping them if they don’t heed her call,” said UN Women spokesperson Lakshmi Patel. “She’s the girl-next-door type who’ll do wonders for our campaign.”

“Let’s not forget that her toned body looks great in a tight black evening gown while delivering speeches about the plight of women in developing countries,” Patel continued. “There’s no way the world’s men can ignore that gazelle-like neck and those lips that seem to whisper ‘do me.’”

UN secretary general Ban Ki-Moon says he is confident that Watson will serve her year-long reign as “Sexiest Women’s Advocate” with dignity and style.

“It’s time we teach boys that there’s more to women than a sexy midriff and a couple of perky tits,” he said. “Women are as intelligent and capable as men, and Emma Watson has the perfect ass to get this message across.”

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