‘Emily’s Abortion Video’ actor killed

Emily's Abortion Video actor murdered by zealots

PHILADELPHIA — An uncredited actor in Emily Letts’s controversial abortion video has been killed, according to sources familiar with the production. Remains of the body were discovered in a medical waste bag on Kings Highway in Cherry Hill, New Jersey — not far from where the video was shot.

The victim, whose identity has not been released, is being described as quiet and “nearly childlike.” He had been cast to play a lead role, vital to the clinic scene when Letts undergoes a simple procedure to terminate her pregnancy. However, due to external factors, the victim does not appear in the final cut of the video that was uploaded last month to YouTube.

So far, no arrests have been made but police say they are working on several promising leads.

“As disturbing as it sounds, we believe one of the victim’s close relatives may have played a lead part in the killing, which was politically motivated,” said Lt. James Stafford, a spokesperson for the Cherry Hill Police Department. “It is also possible that an entire group of individuals carried out this attack, possibly for financial gain, or maybe just to make a statement, which just goes to show how cruel this world can be.”

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