Elizabeth Warren ‘on the warpath’ over Trump nomination

Elizabeth Warren ‘on the warpath’ over Trump nominationIn a move that could spell heap big trouble for the Republican party, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has recruited Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) to go on the attack against putative GOP nominee Donald Trump.

The arrangement was apparently confirmed at a top-level pow-wow last week. Analysts believe that Clinton and Warren, previously at odds on many issues, finally sat down and smoked the peace pipe.

A Clinton insider said that the two sides realized it would benefit both of them to bury the hatchet at this stage.

Warren’s fiery populist rhetoric is just one of many arrows in her quiver. If she were able to seriously damage the Trump campaign, it would be a major scalp for the Democrats.

Clinton campaign aides have denied rumors that Clinton initially offered Warren the VP slot in return for her help, but then withdrew the offer. “She’s not an Indian giver,” one aide said.  

Nevertheless, the stories set off a media stampede. Warren appeared red-faced when asked to comment on the rumor.

A source close to the senator claimed that some Clinton operatives “have gotten off the reservation on this one,” while other observers say that with several senior campaign workers saying different things, it seems to be a case of too many chiefs and not enough Indians.

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