Death of hateful nutcase helping people to briefly ignore their own sick problems

Fred Phelps crazy insane parody spoof satireFred Phelps, an angry crazy person from Kansas, passed away Wednesday, giving nutcases everywhere a chance to briefly ignore their own twisted issues, experts say.

“That Phelps guy was a real scary fucker,” said Joshua Krueger, 26, a violent man whose only friend refuses to go out with him in public because of his tendency to aggressively pick up on women, leading them to fear him as a potential rapist.

“If that guy doesn’t deserve to rot in hell, then who does?” said Cassie Opperman, 44, a hypocrite who systematically bad mouths everyone she knows, and who spreads nasty, hurtful lies about her friends and family just to boost her fragile ego.

“He was the most screwed up piece of crap ever,” said Jesse Carpenter, 34, who last year abandoned his two young children so he could go on a long bender, take a lot of drugs, and have sex with similarly messed-up women he met at bars.

“Angry, sad, despicable man,” said Jerome Clayton, 23, who to get revenge on his ex-girlfriend recently posted her photos on a revenge porn website — just before stacking all her belongings in the yard and setting them ablaze.

Psychologist Vincent Lofton says that while it’s reasonable for individuals to voice their disgust at the dead psychopath’s behavior, excoriating him without end should be a cause for alarm.

“You can only call a rabid dog a rabid dog so many times without people starting to wonder what’s wrong with you,” Lofton said.

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