Dandy Goat fun facts about Hillary Clinton


Dandy Goat fun facts about Hillary Clinton

Name: Hillary Clinton

Birth name: Madame President

Height: 164 feet tall

Body temperature: 94 degrees (winter) / 94.5 degrees (summer)

Favorite subject in school: All

Greatest foreign policy asset: Can list in alphabetical order the names of the leaders of all 196 countries, and can also rank countries in order of population, size, strategic importance to the U.S. and quality of cell phone service

Greatest foreign policy weakness: Often can’t find her way out of a room

Strength as a candidate: Impresses voters with her encyclopedic knowledge of the issues

Weakness: Needs to be plugged in six hours every night or her battery dies and her operating system has to be reloaded

Role model: Eleanor Roosevelt

Beginning to look like: Teddy Roosevelt

Speaking fee for a one-hour speech: $200,000

Discount she’ll offer U.S. public for presidential addresses: 15 percent off

Experience: Served both as U.S. senator and secretary of state

Greatest regret: Can’t remember what she did in either job

Wants to be known as: one of the world’s greatest philanthropists

Is known as: wife of the world’s greatest philanderer

Number of items remaining on bucket list: 1

Did you know?

After leaving the White House in early 2001 and finding themselves dead broke, Hillary and husband Bill were forced to live on the streets of D.C., and it was then they discovered their talent for earning quarters from passersby with mere chatter.

The charitable Clinton Foundation is the largest Clinton foundation in the world, even bigger than the Clinton Initiative, the Clinton Prerogative, and the Clinton Interrogative.

In 2009, Hillary Clinton earned a place in the Guinness Book of World Records when she continuously belched for over 34 minutes. The reverberations were so powerful that the U.S. Geological Survey initially believed that Washington D.C. was experiencing a rare earthquake.

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