Cyber Monday followed by Payday Loan Tuesday

What comes after Cyber Monday? The National Retail Association has announced that effective immediately, the day after so-called Cyber Monday will be Payday Loan Tuesday, when cash-strapped consumers have a chance to get in a few more purchases before financial troubles set in that will last until the second week of January. “We just want Christmas shoppers to know that even if they feel like they’ve exhausted their resources, other opportunities are always available,” said the organization’s president Shay Matthews. “In almost every state, you can take a little trip down to your local friendly payday lender, and by showing nothing more than a paycheck stub, you can make your children’s holiday wishes come true.” One source from within the secretive world of retail said the day was originally going to be called Guilt-Trip Your Aging Parents for a Little Something-Something Tuesday, but Sears executives protested, saying that would be too expensive to print in weekly flyers.

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