Crafting is the best contraceptive, says Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby: crafts are contraceptive (parody, spoof, humor)Taking up arts and crafts as a pastime is an effective means of preventing unwanted pregnancies, according to a representative for Hobby Lobby, the nation’s largest arts and crafts chain.

“Not only is craft-making 100 percent effective as a contraceptive, it’s also better for your health and more natural than taking birth control pills,” said Megan Carnahan, spokesman for the retail giant that has 572 stores nationwide.

“It’s also cheaper than using condoms, and it allows for more pleasure,” she added.

Parody of Hobby Lobby contraceptive case (spoof, humor)

Hobby Lobby is also promoting to its 21,000 employees the idea of using crafting as contraception.

Carnahan cited a 2010 Journal of Sex and Reproduction study involving 10,000 couples between the ages of 25 and 40. The couples were separated into groups and asked to limit their use of contraceptives to either condoms, diaphragms, birth control pills, implants, intrauterine devices (IUDs) or participation in arts and crafts.

After six months, the couples in the arts and crafts group were the only ones to report no pregnancies.

“Clearly, using your precious free time to make decorative items with colorful pipe cleaners, funky buttons, glue and a little glitter carries more benefits than most people know,” Carnahan said. “We don’t fully understand why, but individuals who get into crafting suddenly stop having sex.”


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