Cop has ‘history of responding to calls’


Video of Texas cop who had history of responding to calls A police officer in Texas who has been suspended for his conduct while investigating a rowdy pool party “has a long history” of responding to calls from dispatchers, according to various sources.

Eric Casebolt, who has been an employee of the city of McKinney since 2005, is known to many people in this Dallas suburb for his brazen attitude and insistence on intervening in other people’s private conflicts.

A video uploaded to YouTube on Saturday that has since gone viral shows the husky meddler barking commands at teenagers and even subduing a young woman for refusing follow his orders. The video corroborates testimony from one witness who said Casebolt responded to the complaint of an out-of-control party as if he was “some armed representative of the city who has been entrusted to keep the peace.”

“Everyday for more than 10 years, this guy wore a uniform and a badge, carried a gun, and drove around the city in a marked car like he was some kind of lawman from the Old West,” said Patrick Schultz, a Dallas plaintiff’s attorney. “As soon as his city-issued radio crackled to life with reports of anything — and I mean anything — from noise complaints to drunken bar brawls, this maverick would speed to the scene, totally unable to mind his own business.”

“You’d think he’d been chosen as McKinney’s very own sheriff,” he added.

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