CIA seeks to ‘Keep Fear Alive’

CIA seeks to ‘Keep Fear Alive’According to CIA director John Brennan, the quota for creating new ISIS recruits is falling behind, and “this threatens an ominous and even crippling ’enemy vacuum’ for the United States.”

Even though U.S. drone strikes continue to kill scores of innocent people, not enough of their relatives are seeking revenge by becoming suicide bombers, hence a dearth of helpful propaganda for the war on terror.

Compounding the problem is a heretofore unknown whistleblower going by the name of Truth Teller. Teller’s revelations include internal CIA studies confirming that “the primary grievance motivating terrorism is Western and especially U.S. military intervention and occupation in the Muslim world.” He or she goes on to assert that “revealing this finding would undermine public support for Washington’s policy, threaten our control of the region’s natural resources and curtail profits flowing to the military-industrial complex.”  

And while the massive surge of refugees created by U.S. intervention in several countries has stoked the xenophobia essential for fearmongering, officials worry that “it has yet to produce enough bona fide ‘I Hate America’ sandals on ground.”

Faced with the dire crisis, the CIA has proposed Operation: Keep Fear Alive, under which desperately poor, homeless and angry Muslims can volunteer to be drone strike victims. Each one must record a video during which they vow to behead Americans, shout “Allahu akbar,” and agree to be easy targets. The family of each deceased will receive $75,000, an all-expense-paid trip to Disney World and a private audience with Mickey Mouse. 

Apparently, the CIA’s most vexing moral issue is that the agency might be engaging in unfair labor practices. At present, the offer is only being extended to Muslims; but, according to Teller’s leaked documents, “Contingent on future events, the agency does not rule out tweaking the program so that non-Muslims may avail themselves of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

According to Director Brennan, the projected cost of the program is $750 million, but, given the urgency of the terrorist shortage, the budget is open-ended. Whatever the cost, officials consider it a “trifling sum” if it serves to legitimate U.S. national security interests, including the Pentagon’s trillion-dollar budget.

Finally, as they proceed with this ruse, one member of U.S. national security establishment betrays officialdom’s contempt for ordinary citizens by quoting H.L. Mencken’s assertion that “nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.”

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