Chechen heartthrob Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s birthday bash to be sponsored by Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone is honoring Dzhokhar Tsarnaev with a cover photo of the Chechen heartthrob

Rolling Stone is honoring Dzhokhar Tsarnaev with a cover photo of the Chechen heartthrob

Rolling Stone magazine is reportedly throwing a bash for jailbird heartthrob Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, whose birthday is July 23. Several celebrities have tweeted that they are in possession of highly coveted invites to DT’s summer soiree. Sienna Miller, Paris Hilton and Charlie Sheen are expected to drop by, as are celebrity bloggers like Perez Hilton.

Rolling Stone’s recent cover photo of the Chechen heartthrob was a precursor to the big party, a way of increasing the public’s interest in the handsome federal inmate. And it worked.

The exciting details of the party have yet to be released, but insiders are whispering that Mos Def will be on stage entertaining the guests with his music and political commentary.

Rolling Stone has booked two ballrooms in the fancy W Hotel in Boston, one room for the party and guests and another room for the journalists and bloggers who will be covering the event live. Boston was chosen as the location not for its wild party scene, but because it is located close to the federal detention center where DT is being held.

“This is going to be a hot, hot party,” said Rolling Stone editor Christian Hoard. “We’re going to forget about how DT has been villainized and just show him a good time. It’ll be his 20th birthday, afterall. Will he be serving a life sentence in a federal prison next year for his 21st? That’s why we’re going to give him a night he won’t forget.”

The big question is if alcohol will be allowed, and if so, which alcohol sponsors will be allowed to hydrate the partygoers as they dance till the early hours of dawn.

“This is going to be expensive,” said Lauren Icks, a Boston socialite and celebrity blogger. “There’s no way Rolling Stone alone is going to shell out the millions of dollars for this. They’ll need some help. Who will it be? Jose Cuervo? Grey Goose? Cristal? Exciting stuff!”

What’s not clear is if DT himself is aware of the party yet, as he’s currently being held in near-solitary confinement. But when he’s let out for that one magical night, say supporters, he’ll have the time of his life.

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