Britons horrified to learn vote was for real


Britons horrified to learn vote was for real A very confused Britain woke up Friday morning to news that it had actually voted itself out of the European Union.

Pensioner Trent Pare, 75, who voted to leave the EU, was out for a walk on Thursday when he saw his neighbors lined up, filling out what appeared to be tickets to win a prize.  

“I joined the queue and a nice lady gave me a slip of paper,” he said. “In retrospect, I should have read the box before I ticked it.”

Barmaid Meghan Decker, 26, says that she understood that a “leave” vote would simply mean a limit on the number of Polish plumbers allowed into the UK.

“They’re always coming into my pub and going on about cleaning my pipes, and I’ve had enough,” she said. “I didn’t mean that I actually wanted Britain to part ways with Europe. That’d be absurd.”

Cellist Mark Godwin, 45, says that he believed he was taking a survey about if he merely wanted Britain to leave the EU — but not necessarily do it.

“They could have been a bit clearer that this was not just an opinion poll,” he said. “I might have given it more thought.”

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